Our clients

We are not typical consultants who take your problem and give you the solution.

We see ourselves as professional advisors who want to understand and share your issues, and work closely with you in a more flexible and highly customised way in order to make the most of your own internal resources. That means you get direct access to the advice of senior, experienced consultants who work alongside you on your specific business issues, as well as providing support for your internal teams who need to take ownership of the implementation.

That’s why it works – just ask the 80% of our clients who always come back to us.

Stanton Marris's professionalism got everyone on side. People are proud to be part of something like that. Had we not got that right we’d have been 30-40% off the pace in terms of getting the results we did.

David Hathorn
Group CEO, MondiRead this client story

The Stanton Marris team were able to hit the ground running because they already knew our business well ... They challenged us to think boldly, inspired and excited us, and helped us to move fast while maintaining the quality of our deliverables.

Sally Brearley
Director for Health, Safety and the Environment, Balfour BeattyRead this client story

The engagement of partners with the development programme has made a real difference. Partners are now more ready and willing to tap into the knowledge, ambition and energy of their colleagues, and we have seen them follow up interventions like the career development conversations with enthusiasm.

Judith Hardy
HR Director, Addleshaw GoddardRead this client story

The management team now see the context and value of their energy and personal contributions in taking the business forward. They also now see its connection to the real work of producing extraordinary images for our clients.

Sir William Sargent
Chief Executive, FramestoreRead this client story

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