Communicating Change

Embedding communication expertise from the start was key to the success of major change in our international business. Stanton Marris developed a compelling core story, got leaders committed to an authentic, open approach, provided hands-on support on visible leadership communication, and produced quality materials – videos, scripts, wider engagement tools and events. As a result we achieved the change at pace, with full alignment and minimal disruption.

-Chris Shepherd, Group HR Director, Edwards Group Ltd

Communicating change in three practical steps:

Step 1:


Have you got a compelling story of your vision, one shared by all leaders? Have you presented business goals in a way that inspires people?

We rapidly shape a simple, powerful story about where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and what it means to everyone involved. This gives every part of the business a shared common purpose.

Step 2:


Is every leader ready and equipped to personally play their role in engaging people, or is your communication strategy more about channels and products?

A visible, personal role and messages for every leader will bring your strategy to life and get faster results. We run practical preparation sessions with tailored tools to help leaders communicate with measurable impact at every opportunity.

Step 3:


Is everyone positively on board to make change happen? What are you doing about dissent? How will you shift perceptions of the change?

To involve everyone as champions of the change, communication must be authentic. We give every employee a voice, working with the grain of the business on a bespoke, engagement-led approach. We help you track and monitor shifting feelings and adapt messages to match the need.

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