Our Products

Some of our tried and tested tools

Energy IndexTM

Where does energy go in your organisation, and how can you lift it? The Energy IndexTM measures where energy is focused and where you need to do something about it.

Organisation energy is about how much energy people bring to work and channel it into business goals. The Energy IndexTM shows your sources of energy and where to focus on improvement. Our Energy workshops engage leaders and teams in action to raise productive energy.


Values and behaviours are important, but work on them can feel fluffy and lack credibility. WOW is a well-validated customisable tool for large-scale engagement and culture change.

WOW engages leaders, teams and the wider organisation in practical action to improve behaviours, expressed in the language of your business. The WOW workshops enthuse individuals and teams and support them to take responsibility for making positive changes.

Risk culture

You’ve put in place processes, systems and compliance, but have you got to the root cause of what drives risk behaviour? Unless leaders model the behaviour and risk culture you want, your people will experience a disconnect between what they see and what they’re told to do.

Our research-based model of an effective risk culture is built on the key dimensions of alertness, openness, responsiveness, realism and integrity. We assess the behaviours associated with risk in your business and help you tackle the beliefs and attitudes behind the behaviours.

Leading with impact

Effective leadership is about relationships more than knowledge. Whatever leadership and management theory leaders may know, it doesn’t by itself make them successful when it comes to leading people with skill.

This workshop demonstrates effective impact in practice, and coaches individual leaders using tools including authentic leadership and the leader’s shadow. It draws on compelling findings from neuroscience on how people react to what leaders say and do.

Sales and Relationship Management

Your sales and technical training covers all the bases, but how do senior sales people develop effective relationships? Personal impact in sales, just as in leadership, can be developed.

Through group workshops and individual coaching we help senior sales and account managers understand what to build on and what’s preventing them having the impact they want. Combined with strategy, tactics and preparation, skills in authentic personal relationship-building improve sales performance.

Leading in tough times

Rapid change, downsizing, restructures, mergers and acquisitions all make demands on the wellbeing of the organisation, while leaders responsible for guiding people through the challenge are often personally affected.

To equip leaders with insights and practical tools we assess them on key features of resilient leadership then share the findings in a practical workshop, exploring their own resilience profile and coaching them to develop resourcefulness, optimism and connectedness.

What’s your point?

Feedback from the Board and business partners often highlights the need for crisp, clear written and spoken communication by leaders at all levels. Leaders themselves often seek coaching to develop their communication skills.

A simple tool for analysing complex material for impact and effective decision-making is the basis of a practical workshop in which leaders also work with coaching on their own real-work communication challenges.