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"They challenged us to think boldly, inspired and excited us, and helped us to move fast."

- - Sally Brearley, Director for Health, Safety and the Environment, Balfour Beatty


What we do

Successful businesses have inspiring leadership, logical structures and involved people. That’s our business.

We understand it, but more importantly, we know how to make it happen.

Stanton Marris was founded in 1998 to give clients a better experience of working with consultants.

Small, so we can be flexible and responsive. Experienced, so we can spot the risks and solve tricky politics and behaviours.

We’re on your side. Consultancy, but with a human face.


Leadership at every level is the heart of success.

We understand busy leaders and their business ambitions, so we give individuals and senior teams clear, practical ways to raise their game and achieve results.

  1. Challenge: What is your leadership for?
  2. Lead: Do your leaders have the right impact?
  3. Deliver: Are your leaders properly equipped?

Organisation Design

We won't just design a simple, logical shape to fit the strategy. We'll see it through to make sure it works and you secure the benefits.

  1. Design: What do you need to achieve?
  2. Realise: How will you move from blueprint to behaviour?
  3. Implement: Are your managers on board?

Communicating Change

What leaders say and do are the strongest influence on culture and behaviour.

We will help you get the story right and tell it like it is, reaching everyone involved.

  1. Create: Have you got a compelling story?
  2. Communicate: Is every leader ready to engage?
  3. Involve: How will you shift perceptions?

Our Team

We bring the best of big consultancy expertise and deliver it with a human face.
Our directors have many years' experience of helping our clients to achieve results in a wide range of sectors.

John Bruce-Jones
Beatrice Hollyer


Some of the clients we're proud to work with


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