I’ve benefited from Stanton Marris in my own leadership, as well building the ability and performance of my senior team – the first task of any leader. I’ve also seen the difference they’ve made as executive coaches in the wider organisation.

– Sir Simon Fraser, Permanent Secretary, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

We work with you in three practical ways…

Step 1:


What is your leadership for – what’s your challenge? How are you responding to changing demands? How well are you leading the execution of your strategy?

We help clarify your ambition and work out what’s getting in the way. That feeds into clear priorities and exactly what’s expected of leaders at all levels.

Step 2:


Do you have the calibre of leaders you need, and do they have the right impact? Do they drive the culture and connect with people’s energy?

We focus on individuals, senior teams and wider roles to identify the specific skills and behaviours required. We get every leader working hands-on with the challenge of leadership and what it means for them.

Step 3:


Are your leaders equipped for what they need to do? Are they growing the right skills and driving the right action? Are they inspiring and engaging your people to give their best?

We build focused capability at every level: executive coaching for senior leaders, top team coaching to tackle leadership behaviours, bespoke wider leadership development programmes designed around specific business challenges.

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