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Designing an organisation that works for the people in it

Mar 28th

How to judge an organisation design: Part 3
“How do you think people are going to take to the new design? How can we show the benefits to them?”

You have been understanding, testing, probing the org design to see if it stacks up, but you will also have been getting to grips with the people dimensions too. First thoughts may have been about the simple but difficult issues that are going to consume time in the future like filling new roles, redeployment, selection processes, the pipeline of talent, redundancies, the programme of change


Reality testing an organisation design

Mar 14th

How to judge an organisation design: Part 2
“I can see what you are trying to achieve with the organisation design.  I’ve got some questions to kick the tires on it a bit harder. Can we find time to talk?”

You probably knew that ‘organisation’ as a relatively modern word first meant the structure of a living being, a whole with interdependent parts. But did you know that ‘organisation’, ‘energy’, ‘work’ all come from the same root concept, over 4000 years ago, meaning ‘work’, ‘to do’, ‘be effective’? The organic metaphor for organisation is


What does organisation design set out to achieve?

Mar 01st

How to judge an organisation design: Part 1

“Welcome to the team. I’d appreciate your views on something straight away. Can you look over this org design? I’ve been thinking about if for some months. Let me know what you think and let’s talk about the questions you have. I’d like to take this to the management team in a couple of weeks”

Your boss/key internal client, accountable for an area of several hundred employees gives you a deck for an org design. Maybe it has introductory slides, an organisation design logic, a