Giving a damn actually matters

Jul 08th

It never ceases to strike me how much the successful leaders we speak to care deeply, not only about achieving delivery and results, but also about their people and what their organisations are really trying to achieve. This is often in the face of the multiple challenges and risks that leadership brings, now in these challenging times more than ever.

These successful leaders manage to marry caring deeply with having a clear line of sight to the desired outcomes and the real purpose of their organisation. They know exactly what the goals are and keep them firmly in mind and, importantly, they are able to transmit that sense of passion and vision to their people.

Allowing passion and caring to show takes courage and a deep seated conviction for leaders. You can only do this if you are genuinely sighted on what you are aiming to achieve, if you know what is important and believe that it is worth the challenges that you will inevitably face as leaders.

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