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Compelling need to immerse in innovation

Jul 17th

So what does it take to ‘break the rules’ and immerse yourself in innovation? This article takes a closer look at; breaking the rules, being an ideas company,‘The innovation jam’ of an organisation’s creativity, the three essential questions, location vs distribution, a new workplace, and building organisational energy.

By D.Murali, The Hindu

Build organisational energy
Looking around, the author also notices endless experiments of corporate ‘theme parks’ – in the form of gaming rooms, nap stations, media lounges, good-old bean bags and bikes on the walls – and wonders whether it is sociability and wellbeing that really energise an organisation. Among the answers he explores is the five-step approach of Stanton Marris to help companies build organisational energy that drives engagement and performance.

Foremost in this approach is being open, which calls for sharing the big strategic challenges with everyone. Then comes opening up, seeking suggestions from all stakeholders. Thirdly, let go, giving local teams the freedom to contribute. The final two steps are to be supportive, showing continuous and consistent interest, and to maintain focus, monitoring progress and holding on to the big picture.

Since the best talent is infinitely transferable, organisations need to rethink many of the factors that created their old glue and start working in faster, knowledge-based, connected ways, advises Fisk.

Immersive read for anyone with ambitions in the current century.

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