How to do more with less

Feb 04th

“My mantra is simplification, both internally and with the clients I am working with. That means always asking the questions, is this the simplest way of doing it? Is this an elegant way of doing it? Is this absolutely necessary, does it really add value? Is it freeing up time for people to add value doing the things that really matter, or is it just eating up your time? The most successful businesses have simplification ingrained in their DNA”

In these belt tightening times, exactly how can businesses keep growing? Management Today gathered a group of corporate leaders and asked what they thought in a roundtable discussion this month. I was joined by Ian Wylie – MT, Fred Warren – Microsoft, Steve Walters – Ricoh UK, Simon Hancock – Control Circle, Toni Smith – The Viral Factory, Paul Stephenson – Naim Audio and Rob Pringle – Gazprom.

Read the full MT round-table article: How to do more with less

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