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Is leadership just high level stuff?

Nov 14th

“A mistake executives often make is thinking that being a leader and being a manager are the same thing. But while there are similarities, they are quite distinct.” Rhymer Rigby, The Financial Times, 12 November 2010.

You need to stay up on the balcony where you can see what’s happening on the dance floor, rather than being on the dance floor. Leading also has a far stronger political element than managing.  You need to deal with the emotional stuff as well. You have to tune into the mood of people and connect with them. Leaders are influencers and persuaders. It’s a



The National Children and Adult Services Conference

Nov 02nd

One of our clients, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT), will be exhibiting at this years National Children and Adult Services Conference in Manchester tomorrow. This is an established event that sees an audience of approximately 1200 high-level attendees coming together for three days to discuss and debate the latest issues affecting children and adult services.
SSAT is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to raising levels of achievement in secondary education, and to sharing new and effective teaching and learning practices.
We wish them well tomorrow!



Making safety a priority

Oct 08th

This week leaders in organisations that claim to make safety their priority have probably had a sustained aha moment.

On Wednesday I attended a leadership forum, alog with about 100 senior safety leaders, organised by AKT productions. It put the spotlight firmly on leaders by getting them to ‘Think Again’ through an engaging dramatisation of BP’s Texas City and Deepwater Horizon tragedies.

On Thursday there was a full page feature in the Financial Times under the hard hitting headline: ‘A sea change needed’. It was evaluating the last chance BP’s new CEO, Bob Dudley, has to transform the organisation’s culture to



Find out why the best organisations are getting back to basics

Oct 07th

There’s no room for flabby businesses today, even those that weathered the storm are cutting back on essentials. This month’s editor, Andrew Jackson, looks at what you can do to improve your bottom line.  Read the full article Getting back to basics

Also featuring in the October strategy digest…

The bitter pill of spending cuts
How to successfully move up in the world
How to ensure your legacy

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How to demand less and get more

Oct 05th

I recently read an article about how Sony Pictures gets more out of people by demanding less. I was intrigued to find out that burnout and employee disengagement were the major contributors, and that helping them manage their energy not their time turned this around. A shift in the way leaders manage employees, viewing them as human beings not computers, and investing time in meeting their core needs helped people feel more energised and inspired to be able to cope with personal and corporate demands. Interestingly the single biggest derailer is not having full sponsorship and engagement from the leadership


Six reasons to bookmark our new website

Sep 16th

You can…

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We’ve got a new office and website

Sep 06th

After 10 years and many fond memories of our Fitzrovia townhouse, we’re moving to a restored warehouse in the historic area of Farringdon, close to Smithfield Market.

From Monday 6 September 2010, our new address and telephone number is:

24 Greville Street
Tel: +44 (0) 203 008 4461

We’ve chosen a new space to support our new way of working which is to provide flexible support for our clients in close collaboration with our network of associates and affiliate partners, whether it is from our London ‘hub’ or internationally.

We have also updated our website, so please do visit us online at



Watch this space!

Aug 26th

The team at Stanton Marris are going under a transformation.

So watch this space for our big unveiling in early September, and find out what the new look Stanton Marris is all about.